The New and Improved Final Fantasy XIV and Its Impact on Current LotRo Players

The launch of the original version of Final Fantasy XIV in 2010 was garnered with some negative reactions due to the game’s poor quality and confusing interface mechanisms. The game was put to be developed again after received the huge criticism from society. The relaunch of the game will carry over the original story and lore. It will feature a new interface, much better graphics, a revamped interface, redesigned maps, more game play and additional content. The launch date is August 27, 2013, on both Windows and PlayStation 3.

The game is 14th in a series of multi-player role playing. It is developed by Square Enix and is available in four languages including Japanese, English, French and German. Players create their own avatars that participate and prepare for the invasion of the Garlean Empire. As seen in, the produces emphasize that this is not an expansion but a complete rewrite of the game.

So far the competition between the other fantasy game Lord of the Rings and Final Fantasy XI has been won by the formers. The LOTRO players appeal to a more casual player. There is more focus on the story and not much magic. The game has an eventual ending and you can win titles from accomplishing certain tasks.

Final Fantasy XIV appeal to the more hardcore players. The story is extensive with apparently no ending. It can be played on a console and it is harder to play alone at higher levels. Given the differences will the LOTRO players be drawn to FFXIV? Many will come to see what changes were made. They will not be disappointed. For one thing the interface has been greatly improved. It sports a log window, menus and several game information elements. It can be filtered and manipulated far easier by the players.

There are three new story arcs. The ongoing story is the Mother Crystal of Hydaelyn will speak to the adventurers asking for their help and protection. Then the Garlean Empire is on the move to invade Eorzia. The three main cities have formed companies to prevent this from happening. The third story arc involves the primals. They are destroying the world by consuming ether which the Mother Crystal needs for her very existence. You will be asked to stop the primals and protect the Mother Crystal. Alliances will be formed; new friends and allies will be met and monsters to be defeated. What more could you ask from an online game? FFXIV has rebuilt it all that is needed is for the players to come. More information about the game could be seen in

Will Auto-Attack Be Featured in Elder Scrolls Online?

Many new mmorpgs (and console games) feature an auto-attacking function where upon a click of a mouse or push of a button, the character performs successive attacks until the next command is given. For many old school gamers, auto-attacking is a feature which hasn't been received well as it makes the game less challenging and less engaging. However, what is known so far about ESO auto-attacking has not surfaced, according to several observations made by players.

Initiating attack commands in ESO is as follows:

Left mouse click: Normal attack

Hold left mouse: A bigger attack

Right mouse: Block

Holding right and pressing left: Bash

This is the norm for most classes and characters in ESO. It's also worth keeping in mind auto-attacking is used mainly for melee classes which are needed to add that extra damage to enemies. For characters which specialize in casting spells, their main spell will be the one dealing out damage rather than their equipped weapons.

Auto-attacking removes the possibility of creating a strategic build that works better than constantly attacking the enemy until it's defeated. It takes out all the enjoyment of the game and replaces it with fancy graphics showcasing their plethora of skills. For Elder Scrolls games, the games are known for being in constant movement in battle avoiding enemy attacks while players unleash their skills. For ZeniMax to keep true to the Elder Scrolls tradition, auto-attack simply doesn't work in the game.

Excellent Lord of the Rings Online Guides released at Killer Guides

The folks at Killer Guides have now published their first LotRO guides - and those things pretty much outshine everything else currently available.

Current highlight is probably the LotRO gold-making guide that includes some pretty impressive feats and tricks which I found goes much further than the usual newbie-centered strategies found elsewhere.

Their class guides pretty much cover all classes for LotRO - captains being the only class being out of luck. However, according to a guide for them is already in the works.

Aside from that they also offer a general LotRO guide, though I did not have a chance to review that one yet. According to one of their staff members though they are already working on more class-guides which are scheduled for release in the next few weeks. Let's hope for the best.

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Elder Scrolls is Coming!

If you're still firing up Skyrim every now and then and moan on message boards about the single player game feeling more alive than some MMORPGs, then I have good news for you. Elder Scrolls Online is going to release in 2013. According to this website the game won't be so different from its single-player cousin. While there are base classes, the skill trees are open to anyone and you can customize your character as much as you like. While no one knows exactly when The Elder Scrolls Online will hit the servers, most guesses seem to center around Winter this year. That's 10 months of looking forward to an awesome Christmas-gaming session!

Mists of Pandaria Fansites Offer Information About WoW Monk

Although there isn't much going around with LOTRO games especially with its last expansion, heads are now turning to Blizzard's newest installment: Mists of Pandaria. For those unaware of the expansion, this will be Blizzard's fourth expansion towards the ongoing World of Warcraft saga. World of Warcraft over the years continued to rack up players from around the globe situating themselves with either the Alliance of Horde factions. Mists of Pandaria is takes place in Pandaria, focusing on East Asian themes unlike their previous expansions. The resident populace are known as Pandaren are a neutral race until level 10 where players can select which faction they wish to be loyal to. Within Mists of Pandaria players will encounter new races, species of terrifying creatures plus, a total class revamp. WoW Monks is a recently established website featuring news articles about the monk class, exclusive to World of Warcraft. At the website, players will be able to reference and apply monk skills and abilities until they are comfortable enough to make their own skill rotations. In addition to skill breakdowns, both websites also supply dungeon information where new players can read up on bosses, zones and raids as well. Prior to the establishment of these two websites, the author responsible for the contents wrote for WoW Cataclysm websites giving off tips, hints and tricks for players tackling Azeroth head-on. Check it out!

LotRO Mines of Moria Guide Released

Killer Guides has released their new LotRO Mines of Moria Guide which covers all the class basics, items, armors, equipments, abilities, skills, quests and class specific strategies. LotRO players would find the in-depth information useful for their valuable game time. The guide provided readers with the best character planning, step-by-step leveling guides. Other useful strategies are those on how to make more gold and useful builds.

Overall, the guide assists players to travel through Middle Earth as well as conquering monsters in the dwarfs territory,  level up to 60 faster, and help players to choose the right equipments, and not to waste time on the unimportant quests.

The Mines of Moria guide from Killer Guides would be useful for casual players and advance players with their all-in-wonder information. The guide is available at their online shop, and also offered along with the bundle of Lord of the Rings online Complete Package guides.

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The Harvest Festival

LOTRO has announced the Harvest Festival, a two week even in game that is sure to be fun.  The event will have tons of neat activities for your character to take part in, stuff like horse racing, games of chance, etc.  Here's a quote from them:


WESTWOOD, MA - October 25, 2007 - Today, Turbine, Inc. and Codemasters Online announced the details of the first annual Harvest Festival in The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM: Shadows of Angmar. The Lord of the Rings Online is the second largest Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game* (MMORPG) and one of the largest Tolkien communities in the world. Beginning October 26th, players are invited to join the celebration of the harvest season in Middle-earth.

"The Harvest Festival is the second of many seasonal events that we have planned for The Lord of the Rings Online," said Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer. "These festivals coupled with content updates demonstrate our commitment to delivering the best online experience for our subscribers through a fun, compelling and evolving game. We want everyone to join with us as we begin a new annual tradition in Middle-earth!"

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PC Game of the Year

Greeting's fellow Lotro lovers, good news about your favorite game - it's now Game of the Year:

"We're very proud and excited to announce that LOTRO received top honors as PC Game of the Year at the 2007 Golden Joystick Awards ! Thanks to everyone who voted for LOTRO!"

Lotro Myspace Group

There is apparently now a Myspace group for all the Lotro players out there, so if you want to join go here
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Official Lore Pages

Ever wonder just how old Aragorn was? How many kings were there in the ruling line of Gondor? What historical events of Middle-earth occurred on September 13?

pages! From Find answers to these and many more questions in the new official lore entryAlaldrida Bolger to Zirakzigil, you can find over 2,200 articles covering all aspects of the amazing world of Middle-earth.

If you haven't visited the Lorebook before today, check it out! It's a fantastic resource for LOTRO players! » Read More

Ore Gathering Tips

Learn a little more about gathering ore in LOTRO by checking out these notes on ore gathering
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Creatures of Middle-earth: Uruk-hai

Those who have fought against the vile creatures of Orc-kind know all too well the ferocity and ruthlessness of their ilk. The Free Peoples of Middle-earth have always taken some measure of comfort from the knowledge that the welcoming light of day weakens these monsters and drives them back into their shadowed realms. Lately, however, disturbing tales are growing more common among the people of Eriador - stories of larger, more ferocious Orcs, bred for their strength and cunning and capable of fighting with terrible strength by day or night. The fighting Uruk-hai, as they are known, are terrifying indeed.... » Read More
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Lotro Articles

Mines of Moria Guides

LotRo MoM guide helps you get ready for Moria, and fight the monsters with dwarfs and allies in order to free Moria from the darkness.

The Mines of Moria are looking to take you to tis cruel underground territory. Embark on the most dreadful expedition and prepare to do so at your own risk. The menacing, hidden creatures are seeking for wanderers who stray into their lair. They are armed with the deadly weapons poised to strike at the slightest sound of movement. Walk through the old halls of Durin's way and access the pinnacle of mount Zirakzigil. This will present to you the ten well-spanned areas of Moria. Gaming has been taken to the new heights as you have the opportunity to explore a deep and immense world. It is as if you have fallen deep down into the underground nether world. The dwarfs have constructed Khazrad Dum. The LotRO MoM game guide will help you prepare for the challenges ahead.

LotRO MoM guide calls you to join in again in teh great stroy that you had started withthe shadows of Angmar. The fellowship needs you to help them escape out in its time of the deepest crisis. Right upon entering Moria, there is a turning poing. The Watcher has spread its tentacles in front of you. All you are permitted to do is release Durin's bane and stand up to the test of fighting the goblin hordes in the honorable pursuit of freeing Moria.

Nearly 200 monsters await you to drain you of all your strength, and trulybattling them in their den is quite a fierce task. You ahve to draw succor from any of the full group instances and indulge in battle of epical proportions against the vile creatures in order to survive.

You should seek to use the services of String and Ostricist while working your way op the tough battles. Do no be afraid of utilizing your power to conquer the forces of dark forces of Middle Earth. The weapons will keep growing in power. Additionallyl, the Lord of the Rings MoM game guide is the answer to strategizing and planning your game.

Gathering Ore

Gathering Ore can be a time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating task. To maximize your success, it is important to understand a bit about how the ore nodes are populated by the landscape and how relative demand and character behavior affect the amount of ore you find...

Session Play Overview

Session play is a new unique addition that allows a character to enter the world as another character temporarily.  Read more to find out what else is offered and to see a detailed guide to session play...

Horse/Stable Routes

A nice diagram of the horse routes, the cost, minimum level and lots more.

Full Shores of Evendim Patch Notes

The complete patch notes for The Shores of Evendim update

How to Start: Crafting

This guide is just a introduction into the art of crafting in lotro, how to use it, what you need and where to get it, how to start and much more.

Pipe-Weed and Its Effects

The Pipe-weed effects for each tier!

Book 2 Walkthrough

Time for some epic quests with this in depth book 2 walkthrough.  This guide is a huge help when diving into the epic quests and comes complete with pictures and such, check it out!
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